An electrical system is the backbone of any home. It powers up your home and your life. One needs electricity to use lights, appliances, gadgets and devices. Electrical systems also need to be updated with time and cannot meet the demands of modern living.

Maybe you are living in a house constructed years ago, and the appliances you are using are of high power, and your electrical system is unable to cope with it.

Outdated electrical systems can limit the electricity and potentially become a safety hazard. If you’re considering a rewire, Rewire Solutions is Scotland’s trusted electrical rewiring expert. We offer fantastic prices, and you can Get a free online quote right from our website.

Rewiring a home gives a fresh breath and a new life to the property and ensures that the electrical needs are up to the standard of your appliances and devices.  If you are also planning to rewire your home, you have landed on the right page.

Let’s explore valuable tips that can help you with the rewiring process. 

tips for rewiring a home


  • Planning:

Rewiring a home is thoughtful and can only be done with prior planning. You can’t only start the rewiring with planning, as the safety regulations must be followed. If you’re unsure about the costs, the cost calculator on our website can provide an estimate.

Rewiring is like electrical installation; when redesigning and updating, you must also know your modern-day needs. Considerations to note:

  • Do you need more power points? 
  • Do you need to water and future-proof the installation?
  • Will there be a power breakdown during the rewiring?
  • What about HVAC?
  • Do you need more lighting and ceiling fans?
  • Hiring an Electrician:

Rewiring comes under electrical installation, but it is a more challenging task, and many electricians struggle with rewiring. Hence, you need to hire an electrician who specialises in rewiring homes and has experience in the same domain. 

It can be difficult to work with old and outdated electrical systems; if done correctly, it can be safe. 

  • Moving out:

This depends on whether you are rewiring the entire place or in sections. However, it is suggested to leave the place during the rewiring process. Hire a specialised electrician and let them do their work. Move out for a day or return at night when the process is done.

  • Reinstatement:

Rewiring is a whole process, and once you are done with it, you need to plaster the walls again and redecorate your place. It is advisable to hire an electrician who knows the process well and can help you with the plastering. 

The plastering should be done side by side as it will seal the cuts and chases to avoid any hazards. 

  • Protection from the Dust:

Rewiring a home can be an overwhelming process and can be extremely messy. There is cutting in the walls, and the drilling can fill the whole property with dust. Before you start with the rewiring process, make sure to place the dust sheet on the floor. 

Cover your furniture properly to avoid any damage. Seal your belongings to prevent dust penetration. 

  • Future-proofing:

Now that you have planned to rewire your home, consider future-proofing. You won’t be rewiring your house repeatedly, so make a smart move and do all the wiring and add-ons simultaneously. If you plan to install new appliances and gadgets in the future, discuss it with your electrician. 

  • Understand the timeline:

This is important to understand, as rewiring can disturb your schedule. Discuss with your electricians, mark the priority areas, and let your electrician prepare a timeline. Ask your electrician to rewire the kitchen area first and then the bedrooms. It all depends on how you want to navigate the rewiring. 

  • Updated-Quality Electrical Products:

You need to consider using quality electrical products only. Low-cost products fail more often and can be an addition to your expense. Ask your electrician for the best products, and do your research as well. Use products that comply with the electrical standards. 

Summing Up:

Before you give a new life to your home by rewiring, remember that electrical works are complex and hazardous if not done in the right way. Therefore, it is important to hire qualified and experienced electricians.

The safety of your house should be your top priority. Feel free to contact professional electricians to get guidance about the rewiring process.