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The Cost of Rewiring

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How much to Rewire a House?

Property Size Estimate of Cost Duration of Project
One Bedroom Flat From £1945+VAT Within a week
Two Bedroom Flat From £2450+VAT One week
Three Bedroom Flat/House From £3095+VAT Ten days
Four Bedroom House From £4200+VAT Fifteen days
Five Bedroom House From £4700+VAT Fifteen days
Six Bedroom House From £6450+VAT Eighteen days

Cost to Rewire a House Per Square Foots

Property Size Estimate of Cost
One Bedroom Flat From £1945+VAT
Two Bedroom Flat From £2450+VAT
Three Bedroom Flat/House From £3095+VAT
Four Bedroom House From £4200+VAT
Five Bedroom House From £4700+VAT
Six Bedroom House From £6450+VAT

What’s the cost of rewiring a house? Your Money-Saving Guide

Living in an old home, no doubt brings a lot of challenges. But you can surely manage with most of them unless they are a risk to your safety. Unfortunately, old wiring is one such problem with limited electrical capacity and frequent power outages.

On top of that, the risk of short-circuiting or other types of damage cannot be ignored. That means you need rewiring.

But the cost of rewiring can be overwhelming.

Hiring an electrician and then getting a quote for rewiring, along with the wires and insulation material expense, sounds like a big project.

Moreover, you cannot rely on any electrician as you need experts who can keep our home appliances running safely.

Rewiring is essential for smooth working, reducing risks of energy loss, and even adding value to your home. In this article, we will be discussing

  • The cost of rewiring the house according to the area
  • The factors impacting the rewiring project cost

  • Finding the right electrician or technician
  • Getting safety checks to ensure rewiring was done correctly

Labour costs for a home rewiring

A rewiring job can take some time, but the duration depends upon the kind of work that you are getting done. If you only change a few wires, the cost and duration will be different.
However, the cost and duration will increase if you focus on changing every wire and want a completely new network of wires and sockets. A rewiring job typically includes the following:

  • Changing the supply wires from the meter to the consumer unit, which is installed inside the house

  • Installing a new consumer unit from where wires run to all the electric points like lights, fans, and sockets in the house.

  • Changing all the wires and also the sockets, switches, and dimmers.

  • Testing the circuits and providing a completion certificate with a safety seal.

Rewiring projects do not include renovation and décor; many customers buy new lights, chandeliers, or even fans to replace them.

The cost of installing these items is separate, and it may take more time than what we specified above. Many of our customers buy the raw material, but we insist on using the best quality wires to save electricity and the environment. 

If you live in a flat or house that is not easy to access, or if there is a dense network of wiring in the area, it will be hard to change the wires. The easy access factor impacts the final quote of rewiring. Some houses located on higher grounds or flats in busy buildings with deteriorating electrical work will need extra care from electricians and technicians. 

The cost of labour depends on the location as well. In the UK, we can get cheaper labour in some places while the city centres are costlier. Nevertheless, if you have gotten any work done earlier, you would know the cost of labour, and therefore, finding the labour cost of rewiring will be easier.

Are your Electrics Safe?

We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

What’s Involved In Rewiring

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern and safe

Why Use Rewire Solutions

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.


What Affects the Cost of Rewiring a House?

Are There Any Additional Costs Involved?

Although we have discussed all the factors that add to the cost of rewiring a house, some special circumstances or unusual electricity planning of a town can add to the rewiring project.

Some cities have old systems, and the costs of places with overcrowded housing or a distant house in the suburbs can have more cost rewiring than the houses in the centres.

Ways to Reduce the Cost

When homeowners decide to rewire the house, they get a little extravagant and begin adding things to the cart to enjoy the new look. However, if you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of rewiring the house, here are a few things to consider

  • Do not introduce new lights or sockets; stick to the old plan

  • Do not ask the electrician to remove the chandelier or lights. You can take them off yourself

  • Some electricians charge a fixed amount for a particular area. For example, if it is a two-bedroom flat, they would charge ₤4000, and if it is a three-bedroom house, they would charge ₤5000 without seeing how much electric work they are committing to. Select the electrician that would suit you according to lower charges

  • Compare quotes from different places to ensure you are getting the best price for your project
  • Roll in other jobs that you can benefit from. For example, calling in the electrician to change a switchboard will include the change of wire as well. You will be getting only one point changed, but the cost will cover the rewiring of that point
  • Break down the project into parts. You can rewire each room separately instead of getting the whole house rewired at once. However, this only works for houses that are not too old and do not need the concealed wiring to be taken out
  • Plan the renovation before you start rewiring. May homeowners require switchboard shifts, socket removals, or replacements? If you plan on renovating your home later, plan it so that you do not need to ask the electrician to move switches or place extra sockets once the job is completed

  • Vacate the property during rewiring. If you are living in the house while rewiring is being done, you will have to pay more, and the duration of the project also increases. Move out if you can so that you can reduce the cost of the project. This option is for people who own a second home or have other property. If you move out to a paid facility, the cost will be even greater
  • Plan the renovation before you start rewiring. May homeowners require switchboard shifts, socket removals, or replacements? If you plan on renovating your home later, plan it so that you do not need to ask the electrician to move switches or place extra sockets once the job is completed

  • Plan the renovation before you start rewiring. May homeowners require switchboard shifts, socket removals, or replacements? If you plan on renovating your home later, plan it so that you do not need to ask the electrician to move switches or place extra sockets once the job is completed

We Put Safety first!

Rewire solutions Ltd are an NICEIC approved contractor.

This means you can be sure your rewire is being carried out safely and strictly to safety guidelines, giving you complete peace of mind.

How Much To Rewire a One-Bed Flat?

Rewiring a one-bedroom flat isn’t complicated because of the limited circuits and a single consumer unit involved.
You can expect the cost of a one-bedroom property to be ₤1945

Typically, a one-bedroom apartment consists of one consumer unit and 6-8 circuits, and 15 double sockets.
The attic space above the flat can make it easier to rewire the facility and thus cost lower. If the property is occupied while rewiring, the overall costs will increase, and you’ll have to pay additional charges.

We can complete the entire rewiring for a one-bed flat in a week. But you can get in touch with Rewire Solutions team to discuss it further.

How Much To Rewire a Two-Bed Flat?

You should expect the rewiring charges to start from £3095 for a three-bed flat.

Within the 3-bed apartments, 9-12 circuits are involved with external lighting and a garage.

The cost might go up by £300-750 if the garage is included in the rewiring gig. Also, the type of wall determines the total bill you should expect for rewiring your 3-bed property.

If the property is occupied during rewiring, it might cost you an additional £300 – £500.

Rewire Solutions can manage the entire work within a week.

Our expert can help you find the exact cost depending on your situation. Contact us now!

How Much To Rewire a Five-Bed Flat?

The bigger homes have more work involved, which means it will take longer to complete and cost you more than a typical home.

A five-bedroom flat can cost you £6450 with standard specifications.

Usually, there are 25 circuits with more than 1 consumer unit involved. Besides, networking cables, additional lighting, down light, and other items are possible. All these extra items can increase the standard cost for a 5-bedroom property.

A garage is quite common in a 5-bedroom home, so it will cost £300-750 extra. Besides, if the property is occupied, your cost might go up by £300 – £500.

Typically, we can complete the rewiring for a 5-bedroom flat in 15 days, but the exact timeline depends on your specific home.

You can contact us for a quote, and our experts can survey your property to determine your exact quote.

If everything is straightforward, you might get a quote less than we estimated here. Contact us today for a personalized quote, or use our cost calculator to find the estimated price of our service.

How to cover House Wiring Costs?

There are numerous ways in which you can fund the house rewiring cost. We will be discussing the safe ones which will not burden you. These plans span a long time, so if you are paying a high price, you can still enjoy the house with new wiring and pay off the price slowly.

How Do I Find and Hire a Qualified Electrician?

Now comes the hard part because many of us do not know where to look for the right kind of electrician or technician. Nowadays the best option is to search for a ‘qualified electrician near me’ on the Internet. You can find reviews, along with the location details, timings, and contact numbers.

Another effective way is to ask the hardware storekeeper. Yes! As informal as it sounds, people from the same trade know each other.

If you plan on rewiring the house, you will be buying some material on your own, especially if you are completing some of the tasks yourself. However, we recommend you to hire a professional rewiring company. They can bring their team to inspect and then give a quote. You do not hire them until the quote, so the first visit will not be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much to rewire a bungalow?2023-06-04T13:03:42+00:00

You can get a bungalow rewired for £3000. But it depends on the size and the other factors mentioned above. You can contact our team to get the exact pricing.

Is the 3 bed semi rewire cost different from a full rewire?2023-06-04T13:01:56+00:00

Yes, a semi-rewire for a 3-bedroom home costs less than a full rewire. You can expect a semi-rewire to cost you about £3095.

What is 4 bedroom house rewire cost?2023-06-04T13:01:15+00:00

A 4 bedroom home will cost roughly £4700 for a full rewire. But that’s just an estimate. We can give you the exact rates once you contact us with the specifications.

How much does a full rewire cost?2023-06-04T13:00:56+00:00

The cost for a full rewire of a home is roughly £4000. You can get more details from our team. Contact us now!

What’s the average cost to rewire a 3 bedroom house in the UK?2023-06-04T13:00:35+00:00

The cost of rewiring a 3 bedroom home UK is approximately £5000.

Will insurance cover home rewiring?2023-06-04T12:59:48+00:00

No, insurance companies usually do not cover home rewiring. So, you’ll have to look for loans or other financing options mentioned above.

Is financing an option?2023-06-04T12:59:28+00:00

Unfortunately, Rewire Solutions doesn’t offer financing as an option now. However, we are considering it and will inform you as soon as we have a plan ready.



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